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The internal structure of the group is organized in additional department some in the others allowing the federation of all the necessary needs for the success of a project. Every department has an exercise book of responsibility with objectives and strategy.

The presidency of the group takes care of the coordination between the various departments as well as the partners to guarantee the proper functioning of the work.



GMG TECH <<Technologies>>

Follow any technological progress in the field of the energy, the environment, the construction, Organic farming etc.,

Negotiate any technologies, patents considered promising:
Acquisition - participation - operating licence etc.

Participate in the diverse programs of researches

Establish permanent connections with several laboratories,
Universities and privates researchers

Sign agreements of partnership within the framework of the promotion and of the development of its technologies.

GMG TECH <<Concepts >>

Inquire new tendencies

Analyze the needs of intended

Thinks about original and innovative ideas

Elaborate concepts

Confirm the various parameters

Organize them to be transformed into project


GMG TECH <<Engineering>>

Design, Architecture, Studies, Engineering

Elaboration exercise book of Responsibility and files of execution Planning and follow-up of the
Files projects of pre-qualification and Call for tender

Collaboration with the other international engineering consulting firmsx.

GMGTECH <<Network>>

Develop partner's network of the group

Prospect, negotiate and validate contracts of partnership

Study and organize the opportunities of presence in zones

Opening of correspondent's offices, representing or subsidiary of the group

GMG TECH << Finance>>

Collaborate with the financial partners of the group

Elaborate financing plans of the projects the
Find financial technical solutions of every file Plan

Plan, manage and control the budgets and the discounts

Coordinate files and connection with the customers & promoters

GMG TECH <<Managment>>

Management and control of projects of the group

Elaboration of the marketing and commercial plans

Choice of the groups and the partner persons in management

GMG TECH <<Projects>>

A department which works differently from the others.

For every project, whether it is of the group or the customers, a team will be composed of professionals of diverse specialties to take care of the complete piloting of the file and transform it into functional project.

These teams will work in narrow collaboration with the other departments to integrate into the projects the result of their development and the application of their products and know how to make.