1. Production of water by ecological way

The negative environmental impact of desalination was the origin of this reflex.

· Studies of the Physicochemical phenomena of the ecological production of water
· Identifications of the various industrial groups
· Technical-economic studies of various technologies


    • 2. Solar Concentrator

They are mainly three research orientations:

  • The statement with concentration

  • Thermal solar concentration

  • The thermodynamic solar die

  • The purpose of research is to identify the various actors of these sectors, progress and the innovations technologies, the various research programs , and the various existing installations.


      • 3. Luffa Patent


    It is an organic and 100% biodegradable foam containing urea polymer intended for landscape installation and the production out-ground “culture under greenhouse”. 

    Luffa makes it possible to ensure a saving in water of 90%, an increase in the process of growth of the plants and an increase in the production. Thus the advantages are unlimited.

    Luffa presents effective answers to fight against the turning into a desert. Several applications were carried out offering impressive results.

    • Meeting and discussion with the owner of technology
    • Study of the various aspects: technique, commercial and economic


    • 4. ECO TOWER  –Patent


    The ECO Tower is a technological revelation in the field of the production of water and electricity.

    · Studies of the various phenomena which come into play

    · Discussion with the owner of the patent


      •  5. Vegetable Wall:


      Patent belongs to Mr. Patrick BLANC

      • Notion and impact of the vegetable wall

      • Applications

      • The cost of the installation


      •  6. Biological Agriculture :


    • • Identification of a list of labialized BIO technologies

    • • the market of products BIO

    • • Comparative Studies